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Reviews for "Commando"


It is awesome because I am a massive Metal Slug fan and this is awesome. Hey, look mommy no deaths!!!!

So much like Metal Slug

.=(Good Features)=.
Great graphics and you changed the menu to english =) Exactly like Metal Slug making it a rocking game with nice sound and features. The game was challenging making it addictive and fun to play. The grenades were fun to watch fly through the air and like Metal Slug a great choice of weapons.

.=(Bad Features)=.
It was so much like Metal Slug it become kind of a rip off of the original game Metal Slug. The grenades were a bit overpowered and the enemy soldiers threw the grenades at the same time making them hard to dodge at times. The easy versoin is quite hard and should be made easier.

Bit of a rip off of Metal Slug, using the exact same moves Metal Slug did (Eg: Duck Down to avoid tank's blasts and shoot). Still very fun to play and i hpe you make more games.

.If vsing tank just Crouch and shoot.
.When fighting a load of enemy soldiers just click rapidly and run through them slicing them open at the same time. (Multi Tasking Rocks)
.If can't hit a enemy with your gun throw a grenade or try to jump on something so you can hit them.
.If your stuck think logically and hopefully you'll Win

.=(Sheepy Out)=.

Koo but the mouse made it dumb (that was the humor

And to the last guy, hes talking about Germany smart one...


pretty tough...but freaking cool =]

Doesnt Work...

It's A Great Game But It Doesnt Work

Go To Miniclip If You Want To Play This