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Reviews for "Commando"


i love the game but its hard with the mouse.
and fer the guy before me read the fucking instuctions
you use the fucking mouse.

Scourge of Europe???

game is fine and all, Great WWII Metal Slug.
but wtf!
U call us europeans scourge?
dude, they are fucking nazi's man, Fuck you and ur American fat dumbasses. Dont u know its Germany that started the Word War?!
Then ur really dumb if u shouldnt know.
Why dont u change Author's comments in:

Defend the Allies from the scourge of the Nazi's. Can you stem the tide of the Nazi invasion?

Thats a way lot better man, we dutch and other european countries were overtaken, so dont say that we europeans are scourge bcause WE HAD to work, or it was bye bye for our lives...BTW, Europe could defeat USA, Expecially with Russia on our side. Because Bush is that stupid, he can make a WWIII if he's stupid enough to confront us and russia together.
see u at the front if it comes out k?
can't wait, then we'll see whos scourge...fatty


Love IT !!

Best game evar !!

ITs amazing

idk what the wtf half these douch bags are talking about this game is good other people that say it suck just suck at it any way real good game man 10/10

Woo,i played before in mochigames.

its awesome seriously,i guess its mega awesome.
But,Fuck you everything 0-1 score Fuckers.