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Reviews for "Commando"

Nice game

Why not give this 10/10?This game is so cool and almost like metal slug too.The same graphics as metal slug and it's by MINICLIP.

Brilliant :)

That was one of the most fun and well made Metal Slug-esque games I've played. Although it would be better if the mouse wasn't used at all for aiming, but it was still terrific.

Yo this cool

I"m a beast at this game


did you know that in the original metal slug you were fighting nazi like soldiers and at the end you fought somebody that looked somewhat like the scourge of the 30's
and 40's? ADOLF HITLER! And the game started like this one did too!

message to all peoples...

listen, i don't know what's wrong, but the game worked perfectly for me, and you know what, it was pretty damn good. maybe it's you computer or something. This game had a nice metal slug type of feel to it, with a little tweaking (which acually made it better). so if you dont agree, look the game up and you'll see why this game deserves 10/10!

note to author: i'm sorry the game didn't work for most people. they don't know what they're missing. nice job man!