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Reviews for "Commando"

Where is the game

Im sorry but i cant rate this because like the guy below mw says it isnt here this needs to be removed soon

Guess What PizzaMan911

If a game doesn't work here, it doesn't deserve points here. I'm not going to give a good rating to a game that can only be played somewhere else.

Fix this game or take it off.


The game isn't working here, it doesn't play after pressing the play button. Future players and guys below who rated below 5, try playing it at miniclip.com, it does work there.

Bumbles bounce. Too bad this game doesn't...

I got to see your beautiful title screen, notice the play button, and "CLICK"... Nuthin. The screen went blank white, no sound, no game, period....

Where is it?

There is NO game!!!