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Reviews for "Commando"


this game is sweet. it brings back the old Sega style games. its kinda like metal slug.

good but...

its a good game but when u change the controls the jump one will not change even though it says it did. Good game though.

I wish I could shoot...

I cant even shoot... how am I supposed to play?

Pretty good.

The game is great, minus the controls and remaping partialy works. Granade and Jump keys wouldn't change from default.
Graphics are excelent and sound is very good, but what kept me irritated was being forced to use WASD (bad remaping) so I had to move the keyboard over stretching the cord to it's limits.

And psychoanalyst, some of us are left handed. Whoa, there are actualy people who use the mouse on the left side of the keyboard? NO WAY!?


It is awesome because I am a massive Metal Slug fan and this is awesome. Hey, look mommy no deaths!!!!