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Reviews for "Commando"


Its a really good game and all, but the control scheme makes it a little hard to play at certain times.

but other than that, great game.


It is always great to see a new entry from MiniClip. To me, it's like a namebrand that you know will always bring you a ton of enjoyment from. In this game, you are a commando who is dropped off in enemy territory and must fight to do what you have to do to get the job done. With vintage style 8 bit characters and backgrounds, this game definately has that classic arcade feeling to it. I loved the game, it was a complete package. Great use of sound effects, the music loop sounded great and was complimented very well with the sound effections of the actions like guns going off, and others. I like the design of the the menu and the controls.


great game, but...

the controls were HORRIBLE.
the rest of the game was great, except for that.
i liked the health bar rather than instant death that is standard for metal slug type games. also, the weapons were fun, and the levels were creative.
for the controls, if you ever make another version of this game, or update this version, just have a fire button, for example, shift. then you use the wasd to control the fire direction.

it's good...

there are only 2 things bad about this game. one is the controls are confusing (like the aiming) and when you die you have to start from the beginning of the level and not where you died like the metal slug games. but any way, i'm a fan of the metal slug series and this game is good

Damn fine game

Really immersive, hard to stop playing once you start. And I must say, I love the Metal Slug thing going on here.