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Reviews for "Commando"


SOO MUCH LIKE METAL SLUG, WHICH IS AWSOME, but change the friggen menu to english, add some new weapons, more levels, more characters to play as, and mabay coperative, amazing game.

Amazing tribute

(- The Good -)

Where to begin? The graphics were a spot-on version of Metal Slug and I loved the smooth animation. The enemies and landscapes were drawn perfectly and I really thought I was playing the original MS. The weapons were a delight to handle and the levels were structured very well, making the game interesting at all times and not in slightest way boring. The music was appropriate and the sound effects were perfectly timing. They too had that MS feel. Not too realistic and could be described as "wacky"
Everything about theis game is awesome from the way ythat the bullets flew through the air to the way that the enemies grunted when they were killed. Now for the bad...

(- The Bad -)

Well the menu was in, (I won't say chinese) a foreign language so I understood jackshit. The controls were a bit dodgy and hard to get used to. The game itself was a tad too hard and it was a chore progressing through the stages. There could have also been a level selector option at the beginning for thos who couldn't be bothered to play through the opening levels.
I didn't play through the entire game and up to the part I got up to the landscapes and enemies weren't very varied. If new soldiers, characters, weapons, items ans settings were introduced earlier, like for example the second level could have been set it in a completely new loacation like a cave, the audience would stay hooked and find the game even more interesting that it already is.
Lastlythere could have been a vague storyline inmcluded so players knew WHY they were going solo, blasting their way through
hoardes of enemies.

(-- Overall --)

A technical marvel and an exquisite way to pay homage to one of the most loved series ever. You are GOD Miniclip.


(--- Review Request Club ---)

Pure fun

I wish i could download this game so i could just play it all the time. its a reminder of how much fun Metal Slug is

great game good graphics i love it!

i have never played a metal slug game before but because of this i think i'll try them! the only bad thing about it is if you lose all your lives you have to completely restart.


Waznt to bad for a Metal slug knock off. The graphics were great and the sound was awsome but teh aiming sucked quite a bit! suxs only bein able to shoot in 3 directions! >.< u need a full 360 degree shooting angle and this wud be perfect. =D
4/5 8