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Reviews for "Commando"

good but short

i like the nazi killing and all but as a demo its a little short but its all gravy


did you know that in the original metal slug you were fighting nazi like soldiers and at the end you fought somebody that looked somewhat like the scourge of the 30's
and 40's? ADOLF HITLER! And the game started like this one did too!

the shit! need i say more

its kinda like a metal slug! i like how you can knife mo fo's COD4 style lol' but what the hell is that thing above the falling rock sign ???? needs save points insted of starting over ! other than that CRACK!

too hard

it`s too hard..

Awsome game!

I realy liked it and i found it easy to move and shoot and stuff i also like the story line for it,i played the full version and my favourite part was the end with the plane that shoots missles that was hard

Thank you for makeing this game