Reviews for "Commando"

The best game ever >:(

The black and white screen just cames up every time so much fun

where is it?

yeah i keep having the same problem. just a blank screen. i'd like to play it!

it was fun for a while

but when you get to the level when you have to jump on the barrel or whatever...it's way to far to make and I tried everything to get on it.....

message to all peoples...

listen, i don't know what's wrong, but the game worked perfectly for me, and you know what, it was pretty damn good. maybe it's you computer or something. This game had a nice metal slug type of feel to it, with a little tweaking (which acually made it better). so if you dont agree, look the game up and you'll see why this game deserves 10/10!

note to author: i'm sorry the game didn't work for most people. they don't know what they're missing. nice job man!

"This is so good" (sarcasm)

It's a blank white screen. How fun!