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Reviews for "Commando"


So here was a cool game I like the style and you have some good gameplay I did get a white screen at first but restarted and it worked fine not sure what that was something to look into but I do like what you have done here a good solid game with some fun ideas

There was some white screen gliches now and then


I'm so impressed at how much the game has advanced since this first installment. This is a good game, but nowhere near as good as the second. The graphics are great. I feel bad for never playing "Metal Slug" as a kid. It has such an impact on this website! The sounds are great.

It's probably too hard. It's enemies over and over. I never have time to destroy that airplane. Still, it paved the way for a great sequel. This was just fine.

white screen

err there's a bit of a white screen issue here

White screen? [2]