Reviews for "BPB Bonanza: Badger"

There's a reason they got banned.

But I'm not sure of the reason. Only thing I know is, I'm not sad to see them go.

This movie was, like you said, nothing but a collage of all the clips you've made for them in their movies, with a different intro. No real work was put into this, therefore, I gave it a zero.

FatBadger responds:

youre right now work...you try making a colalb with 40 parts and 40 menu buttons...and programing it all.

BPB is Dead!

The day BPB finaly was stopped was a day when angels sang out from the heavons! there work was talentless and reptative. as was this flash no reale work went in to it seeing as it was just clips taken from other works and put to a new introw. it gets a 0.

and for the last time,
Viva la crusade!


when is this gonna happen to kitty krew I did like BPB's opening theme though but not them.