Reviews for "BPB Bonanza: Badger"

Pure genious

Best flashs i seen in awhile, i masturbated to some of the parts

That was refreshing.

Good to see the BPB live on through this flash.


i don't get it, i don't understand any of this humor. at least make the buttons for it look better. good use of a whole lotta movie clips and im sure somewhere someone likes it.

Oh hell no.

All the BPB's were deleted? Jesus, no wonder I lost like, 60 reviews without notice.

This collection is amazing. Some of FB's best work combined into one fantastic Flash. The last row is INCREDIBLE! Badger goes around the world, taking pictures at every stop. Not to mention a nice tribute to BPB.

FatBadger is awesome because he combines surrealistic visuals and audio with like... uh, humor, or something. He and PikachuPenis had the best scenes in BPB. OH FUCK please don't tell me PP is banned. :(

C'mon, no one can hate this. This is immediately going into my faves, along with any other BPB collections that may pop up.

There's a reason they got banned.

But I'm not sure of the reason. Only thing I know is, I'm not sad to see them go.

This movie was, like you said, nothing but a collage of all the clips you've made for them in their movies, with a different intro. No real work was put into this, therefore, I gave it a zero.

FatBadger responds:

youre right now work...you try making a colalb with 40 parts and 40 menu buttons...and programing it all.