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Reviews for "Religious Man"

i take off my hat to you good sir

well done on and brilliant, funny, and entertaing animation and i hope that in the future we will be seeing more of RELIGIOUS MAN

This Rocks :D

That was so funny... haha old supah guy.. Liked the music to0.
I laughed out (not too)loud.



I liked It.

A very Lot lot. nicely Made, and Nice Ending. At first, I said, WTF!?!?!?!? Then, .. it was a happy ending. Nice, for not being religious. Likes it. Make more.


This was a sweet animation, all of the shots were nice and relevant to the film. The animation was smooth and the movement was believable. The colors were all nice, it felt real as far as animation goes. The song was of course great and the plot was understandable, even if shallow. I was kind of disappointed with the unrealistic ending, it would have been better had the steeple fallen on him or the door of the church, in my opinion. But it was an excellent animation all the same, I really did enjoy it. Can you put some stats in the movie info, or in a response to this review, stuff like time spent, frames, total time of animation. That'd be swell.