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Reviews for "Religious Man"

The flash..

Well, what can i say. that was excellent. Im sorry but i didnt watch the full flash (Alot going on, on msn,etc. ) but if i wasnt disturbed i believe i would still have really enjoyed it.

The music in itself should not really have fitted, but.. for some extremely strange reason the music was perfect. it worked magnificently and was defenitly a good choice. You couldnt have made a better choice.

Lately their has been alot of flash's especially on the front page. related slightly to this; The gas masks and gas clouds. Is it a themed week or something? Im sorry about not knowing i just dont really make it my duty to try and find out things i have not been told.

The main character. He was brilliant. Didnt really get a clear look at him but it was definatly suited to the title 'religious man'

Well thanks for the flash viewing experaince, I really enjoyed it and hope You can make alot more. Good luck in the future. Au Reviour

~ Suffering

I liked It.

A very Lot lot. nicely Made, and Nice Ending. At first, I said, WTF!?!?!?!? Then, .. it was a happy ending. Nice, for not being religious. Likes it. Make more.



lol ^^

that was funny :P at the end the guy is like "i liiiiiiive!", then *splat* the church falls on him and he goes to heaven lol ^^

Great Flash bro...

Total 5......almost flawless..but style goes a long way......awesome.