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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Religious Man"

That was awesome!!!

OK so when I went to view this movie I kept saying to myself "don't review, just vote." But this movie kicked so much ass I couldn't help myself, and here I am, reviewing. The graphics were top notch, my favorite graphics factor was the missile hitting the church. The movie kicked ass so that's a 10 for style. For sound I had to take off 5 points for no sound effects. 3 for some buttons, and 7 for making laugh out loud.

I love it!

I thought it was friggen great. Not really because of the same reason most people did, I just like the concept of soldiers raiding a church and cruise missiles tearing into a holy shit. Wasn't sure what it really was at first but knew it would be good once the smoke grenade flew in, haha
Regardless though, outstandingly well drawn and animated.


I loved that! Sad how that actually happens in the real world.
But like him, me, and other religious people, we would gladly defend our religions:) Like someone else already said, the song would have looked stupid for this flash on paper, but it was totally fitting. It had just the right amount of humor in it, and he went to heaven at the end. Gas masks+ AK47+gas grenades= a lot of genocide.

jack, that is some sweet animation there....

nice song, cool font and then that building gets him.... brillance but with zero calories


great animation, can you tell me want font you used , i like it