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Reviews for "Religious Man"

Well you got the graphics right.

Have you ever heard the most important part of a movie or animation (or even a book) it's the story? well your's had none.

Btw... buildings don't tilt that way. Period.

Your drawings were pretty good though.

Neo-uk responds:


You have a very closed mind.

very original

It have very good graphics, but im not sure if you wanted to express an idea or something, the history is confusing and the sound helped to make it pleseant.

Good Job.

I Liked This

You can really draw good mountains, and meadows, I thought this was good I was sorta lost though, and I thought the part where the church falls on him was funny but I felt like I shouldn't have chuckled at it. Maybe I didn't understand it cause I don't have a religion either I'm not sure but good artwork.

I liked it...

Most of the religous stuff on this site is REALLY beating on Catholics... Im catholic and liked this cartoon.. it has.. somewhat of a good meaing to it-sorta... and the animation? Great- please continue your work!

Dear Lord!

Jesus Christ, Jesus Murphy, God Almighty and Baby Jesus too, THAT was one hell of a movie. Style and graphics were so great they deserve something better then 10's, true that the was no sound it worked perfectly none the less, violence is there but nothing gorey, Interactvity is there because I just played it over and over until I could sing along, and gave one good laugh. I couldn't have loved it more.