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Reviews for "Religious Man"


To BIGBLACKWOMAN555: It's supposed to be ironic.

This was funny, I always like dark comedy, aswell as the irony of religious people having horrid misfortune. lol It's always the opposite of what you'd think to happen.


This was a sweet animation, all of the shots were nice and relevant to the film. The animation was smooth and the movement was believable. The colors were all nice, it felt real as far as animation goes. The song was of course great and the plot was understandable, even if shallow. I was kind of disappointed with the unrealistic ending, it would have been better had the steeple fallen on him or the door of the church, in my opinion. But it was an excellent animation all the same, I really did enjoy it. Can you put some stats in the movie info, or in a response to this review, stuff like time spent, frames, total time of animation. That'd be swell.

Religious nut to save the day!

I enjoyed the movie. I was smooth, interesting and unpredictable. And to answer a common question in these reviews, I will say this. Being a religious man myself, I would kill someone trying to kill me. If there is a God, would he not understand that I'm defending myself and my Church? War is sanctioned by God in the bible, so yes, there is no problem with religious people killing in defense (or in the name of)

nice quality but...

The flash had very quality, but I didn't like the fact that they were trying to shoot him in a church, which is a very sacred place, for no reason, as well as the army men having masks for no reason, they broke the church and then the church felt on him for no reason and then he went to heaven after having killed a man. So yeah it felt like you put together something, just so you could do a video for the song, which is also kind of too loud.
So yeah 6 for animation, cause I didn't like the storyline/setting.

Very unfortunate man indeed

And all he wanted is to pray. :S

Awesome job! (and I totally disagree with the guy below me, it was a very good piece of work)