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Reviews for "Religious Man"

Religion Sux

Religion doesnt exist. It was a form of mind control. civilizations cannot live in peace and harmony without a collective conscience (i.e Killing is wrong, lying is evil, stealing is bad) Religion was a way of controling and keeping people in fear of doing "bad deeds". We are animals. Act like it. LOL GREAT FLASH BY THE WAY

religion does kill

i liek iyt the tone of how over religion war breaks out and people die
its a sad and true point. why can't you fuckers stop fighting over your shit join the if you all were more in tune with nature yuo would realise this is pointless to kill for your religion.


Loved it!!
this COULD be a very good game Concept by the way..

..keep up the good work.


jack, u really told me how gravity can be defied....that church.....WTF?!

Sacred and profane cross swords

Backgrounds beautiful, story like The Punisher. If you want peace, prepare for war. Kung Fu-ish too. And he ends up well. Animation a little jerky, but art, excellent.