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Reviews for "Religious Man"

that was very odd

it was all right, but why was the gun i he church? moreover, why was the church attacked?

Woohhaha.. Nice

This was amazing, the animation was great. Although, I see a deep meaning to this. Well not really. But oh well..

Anyway its like this.. Guy is first off like WOOOO YEAH GOD! BAM BAM BAM! and started owning everyone. But then afterward he was like WHO DA MAN.. So the church squashed him. Yum Irony

At least that's how i see it. Great job.

I'll give it a ten, but. . .

The animation and all was great, but it was hugely inconsistent. At first, the Gas-mask-wearing men shot through the pew, but in the next seen, it was intact. Also, the gun the religious man picked up was a six-chamber revolver. Yet he shot it about 12 times without reloading, when it should only be shot six times, in reality. The music was good, it was smooth. The hill in the beginning seen, which nests the church looks 2-dimensional and out of place in the scene, and it then changes to have a small outcropping of rocks at the end, which were, previously, non-existent. These things always come blaring out of an animation and make it the worse for me. All in all, it was very good.


I LOVE EVERYTHING IN IT!!!!! make sequils or somthin!!

nice ending

lol, that ending had me chuckling

i liked the way you didnt include sound effects just music. it worked well.

Nice drawings and nice story, though it was wierd, a religious man killing those people but people today are wierd :P