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Reviews for "Religious Man"

GREAT job.

This is a GREAT flash.

you've done really well, and i thank you.

this is going in my favorites.

you've worked hard on this, i can tell. and i think this is a great animation.

keep up the good work

This is a very good movie

I dont see why people are bitching this is a very good flash. I love the music perfect for the video
Plot who cares Its a very high quatliy movie
i love how the guy was a angel at the end
and who cares if there was a revolver at the guys feet if there wasn't one the guy would of died by being shot then and i dont like that ending do you?
so basically what im saying is this a very good flash perfect length, music rocks!, violence but bot too much of it, no plot but this movie doesnt need one, humor the ending where the church falls on the guy and hows hes a angel in the end made me laugh
5/5 every day!! and added to favorites!


Author's comments:

A short film about an unfortunate man. This film has no religious metaphors or statements intended as I am not religious. But it could be taken, that the thing he loved most, saved him... But it's up to you. :) I hope you enjoy!

Didn't the thing he loved most end up killing him??


This really isn't exciting at all. There's no plot in this video, and why was there a revolver fortunately sitting next to the guy? Wtf? Does this video make sense to anyone? Were you high?


I heard of priests being shot by idiots before, but this is rediculous. I know it's comedy, but there's no plot! You just put the person there and expect them to know what's going on.

Neo-uk responds:

You dont need to know anything :P

There doesnt need plot either. Think of it as something new. Where things just.. happen.

Thanks for the comment :)