Reviews for "BarbequebeefburgerRETURNS"


Hey what is that song in the beginning it sounds alot familiar to me mind telling me what is the title? :D Im not gonna lie im not a BBQ fan but this flash seemed okay for me! I just say good job and another thing I might be making a BBQ flash so watch out! :D

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Its hotbutter something.

...popcorn something...

Youll figure it out.

And BBQ is back!

I was really depressed when the series finished, so you can imagine how cheerful I am right now!

The good old epicness is back here, this time YOU are in the movie. You, the almighty, thanks for thinking in us, your followers for wise.

All the pics are just legends in the series, special mention to the Spiderman guy and the Can't touch pictures.
Nice to see you brought back the complete song, just in the good times!

Will there be a second season of awesomeness?

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:



You're right, Mr. Tutorial. That IS just you.

P.S.: @@@@@

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This has to eb the most intense movie ever made. Great graphics and animation great sound amazing plot. The voices are key to this movie. They seem so professional. God I love it. Makes me wanna kill myself in your name.

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I've been waiting for so long.. And you've finally brought him back, better than ever! Thanks!

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Yup. It took many years and lots of efforts.