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Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 3"


It's beautiful. I read the above comment on what the music is supposed to portray. And I saw it....it's very well done! Though I did hear some cresendos...I believe it may have been better with an occasional overexaggerated one, lowering to a low hum before rising up and exploding as the battle commences. Good job all in all!


Its pretty heavy and spurred but at the end that melody played by the trumpet.. i dont know.. it just didnt sound right at some moments.

its why i could only give you a 'butterscotch yo'.

What i did like about this track is the wallknocks that ram through the track like an ongoing drum, its what really characterises it. :)

Great work ethic!

To compose a song is one thing. To compose it to represent a chain of imaginary scenes and do it so well is truly awesome. I personally didn't enjoy it the whole way through but I totally understood it. Credit where credit's due.


Awesome Music !!! I love this song!!!

*Drops Jaw*

Your like David Arnold, Where do you find these instruments btw??