Reviews for "Doodle God Main Theme"

This is Amazing!

Not only is this one of the most awesome stand-alone songs I have ever heard, it sounds even better when I play Doodle God along with it! I have never heard a song that works well alone and accompanied by something else. You should definitely make more music just like this, because it's perfectly relaxing and utterly soothing...


I love this song its just, i put on mute in the game so i can consentrate but great job!

This is an absolutely beautifully structured piece of ambient music that really gives me goosebumps. It feels so mysterious and always gives you a feeling like you are working towards some bigger goal. That was the feeling I got from listening to this music while playing Doodle God, you couldn't have chosen a more perfect track for the game.

The mixtures of sounds were very ethereal, but also felt very tribal. Everything from the pads becoming detuned, every element seemed perfectly blended and designed to infuse the senses.

It definitely worked. One of my favourite songs on NG. 5/5.

I do like this music theme from Doodle God. it is great to enjoy. great job

This song fits perfectly as the main theme for Doodle God. It gives me a sense of being a Creator Deity of sorts, investing its time in creating the universe. Awesome job!