Reviews for "Doodle God Main Theme"


Best meditation song ever, young monks.

-Larry the monk

The best thing to do on a Friday night...

...is to smoke some weed and listen to this while meditating. What I'm doing.

Awesome by itself

Loved the game, but for some reason the music bothers me when I play it. Listening to the music by itself, however, is very relaxing. It's just me, I'm not saying the music is bad or doesn't go with the game, but I often felt that the dreamy and relaxing music was mocking me because the game was so nerve-racking.

One great thing (other than just that it's good) about this track is that it loops so well! Of course, it is a theme song, so it ought to loop well. Good job!

i love it <3

its just incredible you are Genius! o.o i love this game but i sometimes just turned on the game just to lisent to the music <3~


This is just.. incredible and insanely good. I'm impressed alot. I mostly love its melody and different types of instruments and voices.