Reviews for "Hocus Pocus"


I like your Drowing stile and the sound of this flash was
wery good. Sounds mirrored the movie spirit.
Overall this movie is realy great.


I like ur animation style. It's very 'halloween like' based on the colors u used. You got ur message thro' really quickly and it's cute.

Short but sweet

I loved the old fashion cartoon humor. This reminds me of Amy Winfrey's work of Making Fiends. I loved your play on music. The best part was how the house reacted after eating your adorable children.

not bad

i like the way its animated
way to short though
keep it up!

Meh, It was alright

But just not enough to get my vote. Way too short. The graphics are good as. I'd probably like to see a little more colour though. Didn't see that last bit comming either. Good but now long enough. Maybe a little more sound and maybe music. I see you have ptoenital and you have talent. Just practice your Flash skills and submit something, longer than 1:00. I'd like to see your Hocus Pocus become a series also (I bet you had that in mind anyway). Good job-ish.