Reviews for "LW - Halloween 2006"


Was ok for a 12 yr old

littlewarrior responds:

Errr... Thank you?

not bad one

that was a cool little halloween animation. the drawings were pretty good in this one. the voices could've been different, but they were adequate enough for this one, and the 'steps' in this one were quite original and offered some pretty good entertainment.
overall, it was a pretty cool halloween animation, i liked this one.

Man you have till Oct 31 to get this right

I really liked this piece it was well drawn and very well animated. Yet, it seems to have been cut short. Your voice or voice actor was excellent so don't knock your voice it fit the part perfectly.

Please consider revising this since it started out great.

littlewarrior responds:

Thanks, and I know I had 'till 31st but I couldn't get anymore story outta my head... lol

i agree

this looks good, but the sound needs fixed badly. please fix it and resubmit this cause i really want to see it.

littlewarrior responds:

136?!? I'm 128! Wow... Well, it's fixed now. Enjoy!


It was so funny! Fix it so it works and re-submit it, seriously!

littlewarrior responds:

Is it "fixed" now? 'Cause that's the best I can do -_-;