Reviews for "Dance Off: Revolution!"

Shit is better than this, so i cant call it shit

Seriously, doesnt newgrounds have like a screening process? or do they just want to make sure their lowest score buttons work :-P

Bluemidgetguy responds:

You could call it you're last name. OH BURN NICCA!

What the hellz is going on?!


There like 3535 penis flashes on frontpage...and then we aint talking about the REAL bad one's that are standing there 2 ... this one sucks

Bluemidgetguy responds:

You must not be proud of you're cock.


this video si so relentlessly stupid. i dont even understand why it made frnt page.

Bluemidgetguy responds:

Because I had my mom call Tom and plead with him. You see. I have terminal cancer. And will die in less than 6 months. a. It was my wish that I could be featured on the front page of NG. The make a wish come true foundation also helped out. Thanks to everyone.


Rofl, you really can't beat talking penis's...though they lacked pubes :(.

I guess my only suggestion is to make the "The end" text be made from the 'bodily fluid' at the end there.

Bluemidgetguy responds:

I did you silly.

not bad one

that was a rather strange animation, but it was good for a laugh and your efforts were cool, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Bluemidgetguy responds:

Thank you kind and noble prince - Maybe someday I can meet you and develope a friendship. Perhaps leading too more than friends. Maybe even sexual companions.