Reviews for "Dance Off: Revolution!"

lol, penis

can you tell me the source for the song when both penii are dancing

thank you<3

Bluemidgetguy responds:

Mount Sims

The title is ...I think...."This is how we do" or "you know how we do"

WTF? Were there like 2 entries today??

How the hell is this sh*t making frontpage?? Someone take 2 hours and make a decent flash for god's sake!

Bluemidgetguy responds:

There we're actually 3 entries today.


That was different.. i really liked the music you used in the flash it brought the penis danceing together. What is the name of that song??...good job :)

Bluemidgetguy responds:

Thanks friend of the shire! First song was from the cartoon "Robot Chicken" called "Work it out on the floor"

2nd was by "Mount Sims" forgot the title. Might be "This is how we do"


Soo...what we have here...are two cocks dancing each other...BRILLIANT!

Bluemidgetguy responds:

I KNOW! That's what I said....or typed.


I'm never pulling down my pants again.

Bluemidgetguy responds:

I'll do it for you sailor.