Reviews for "Dance Off: Revolution!"


hahaha i like the ending especially when the penises are making those struggling moans


The art and animation were good here - Also, it made me laugh.

Dancing penis? Nice!

Not much improvement on before...

I've seen an earlier entry of yours along this theme, but I don't remember the final 'climactic ending' I'm not impressed.

The lip-sync was off. The timing was ok, for the ending point, but when you concentrate on the middle stuff, it looks like Jones in Police Academy, when he was doing the Japanese Karate master.

You've got animation talent, why waste it on stuff like this? Any chance of coming up with some decent animations which don't show us cocks?

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-Odd and funny
-Love the cracka part
-Good art

-Once again, you've got me stumped with cons.

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^^Good Points^^
Dancing penises...what could be a better movie? I sure can't think of anything. This was pretty freaking awesome in my opinion. Loved the ending too. That was completely unexptected, but really wrapped things up nicely.

^^Needs Improving^^
Ok, the art could use a little bit of work and be a bit more detailed.