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Reviews for "The Tutorial Collab '06"


this is an amazing tutorial, and i will be using alot of it. thnx

Depredation responds:

No problem, glad it is helpful :).


(Matt) This is a really good tutorial. Seriously i've seen a lot that were confusing but this one helped me a lot. I finally learned how to make buttons....yes i didn't know how to make those. But god there's a lot more to learn from this. I'm going to keep looking at this until i learn how to do everything on it.

Depredation responds:

Thanks, i'm glad it was of some help ;).


Thanks a lot! I was making a platform game and I needed to use arrays but I did not know anything about them so I looked at this tutorial and told me exactly what I wanted.

I would like to see a “This is what you will be making” demonstration at the start of some of the tutorials. It helps me see if you will teach me something new or not.


a lot of good info yet i know all that already but it's still nice.

Holy shit! Looks so Good!

Yeah! looks good! But i didnt found any "online paint tutorial" And any tutorial to make thing, that you can play same game whit your friend. (Like server..) But this is helpfull tutorial! Good work dudes!