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Reviews for "The Tutorial Collab '06"

Awesomely helpful ^^

Im currently working on a game-type thing and this has helped me hugely.
Also, synysterDemon... your scripts are either messing up because your not copying all of them or youre in AS3.
Anyway nice tut guys :P



I'm not ver happy!
How come with mst of the scripts, when I go to move on they say theres an error?


your tutorial changed my life for ever
i now creatae really good games and flash stuff
im not going to load em up on newsground tho
thank you for doing this u,ve changed my life forever

Thank you!

This is the most helpful torturial I've tried out. It made me realize many many
things other torturials haven't managed to explain me. Once again, thank you!

Must of the tutorials...

some of them are confusing and don't get it maybe you can make things a bit more easier on the RPG game that you just did it's hard to find must of the action scripts that can't... I got an idea take a print screen of the flash pictures and make us understand more often :P