Reviews for "the Echo"

Absolutely stunning!

I have no gripes with this animation. The art, the style, everything, was simply amazing. The use of Time's Scar as the song of choice just literally enhanced the entire project to a new level entirely, and the syncing of sounds and visuals was superb. I especially enjoyed the tansition from outlines to color during the ending. Bravo for this splendid masterpiece!




That was just AWSOME! Keep up good work like this! :)


That was great. The music was awesome and I like the style very origional use of that old eastern paintign style... At least that is what it looked like to me... Anyways once again that was kick ass. Later.

Dropping Tears...

I really liked the movie a lot! Man, I usually view some flash here at Newgrounds, and for me your movie is the best of all. It is really poetic, have an epic scent... Can't really describe... Your stile really surprised me. Keep up the good work, man!