Reviews for "the Echo"


The art was amazing, simply awe inspiring. Very good style, keep it up.


that was an amazing flash purly awsome the best part was how u added the color to it all that really made me say wow

Freakin Awesome

One of my favorite songs(that I haven't heard in forever) and one of the most unique styles ever. I liked it...ALOT

Simple yet beautiful

I like this flash. I never seen one that touched my soul. It reminds me of my.....situation.

The graphics and style were great. I have seen many flashes, some them great, but rarely have I seen such grandure.

I like the music. I belive you got it from the game "Chrono Cross". Do you happen to know the title? Because I would like to have that song for my collection. lol.

What makes this flash even rarer is the fact that you made it great without the use of violence and I think that deserves a plus in my book. Most flashes that I have seen use violence and crude homor to make a great flash. For that, I take my hat off to you.

As for interactivity and homor, I give it a 10 not because it has any in it, but because I think it deserves a 10 all around.
I would like to state that you also captured the emotions of the situation and that made it all the better.

Cridia responds:

The song is indeed from Crono Cross, its called Time's Scar (or Scar of time), its the theme for the opening movie.

I dont neccesarely like to use violence or crude humor (the humor because I dont think many people will understand my form of humor :)). If I use violence, thats only because it adds to the story and even then I only try to use it as little as possible (which is the case for a movie I am planning).

Thanks for your big review!

Very Nice

It was a fine piece of work, which was surprising. Although I have to admit, the story has an abstract start and thus requiered me to catch up for a moment, it flowed nicely. Btw, you made wonderful use of the same background texture, even when colorizing.

And, Specusci, Anime is a largely Japanese style of animation which grew to include other countries, but not many. Korea, north or south, has little in common with Japan. It would be like taking a Mexican's opinion to heart on the topic of Canadian politics. I'm sorry, but what you said was fallable and based entirely on opinion.