Reviews for "the Echo"


words fail one! :D

I am stunned

this is one of the few that really touched me to the very core. I sent it to my girlfriend and she was in 7th heaven. keep it up

1000 bonus points for using chrono cross

dude id give u a 10 just for the music, but u have skill that is rediculously awesome. i salute u dude.

and i would love to know where u got the music.

Very Awesome Job

Wow. This is EASILY one of the best works I've ever seen anywhere. The music was well chosen, and the art style was amazing. And @ Zarvain, it's the Chrono Cross opening theme, Time's Scar.

In summary, 10's across the board, cridia. Keep it up.


the music is perfect......its from chrono cross love the music from that game......this was done so well...the style is so different i loved it!!! it gave me goosebumps listening to this song it always has. i look forward to seeing more of your stuff