Reviews for "the Echo"


Just perfect.

I loved your art and your style. Specially when the colors just came after the two of them met.

Very, very good. I mean, much more than that, it was awesome.

(amazed whistle)

Uh... this is your first attempt? You have a natural talent then, and could turn that talent into something. The music was perfect, and the animation, while a little rough around the edges, was otherwise prefect, smooth, and went quite well. I shall be visiting your Deviant Art page. Please, make more.


This is great. Nice with the drawing style. The animation is superb. Nice how the story and the Flow works with the song. Definitely excellent.


That was a very respectable flash! I love how you did the whole thing...could of used a few sound effects...but it still rocked without it! KUDOS!! I am looking forward for your next flash ^.^

Wow. Just wow.

It started out amazing. I've never seen anything like it.
It grew as it went along. I was kept in awe.
The colors flew. I shed a tear. Man, that was beautiful.

Do it again, please?