Reviews for "the Echo"


Wow That Was Great From An Artistic Point Of View

You're kidding, right?

THIS is your FIRST handdrawn animation.
I find that hard to believe. This flash animation is WAY too good for a first timer! XD
This was great. It was beautiful. We got a classic right here.

awesome stuff

I'v always loved that tuen from chrono cross, nicely done on this flash! especially like the part at the end where the color came back. keep up the good work

Good. Lord.

Absolutely brilliant. I've never seen the style before, but it was absolutely flawless. I've played Crono Cross, and i have to say that you chose the perfect song for that. There isn't a single thing wrong with it, as a movie/clip goes. It'll probly be in my shortcut list to show all my friends for some time. Keep up the good work.


it is wonderfull!!! not words at all!!!!!!