Reviews for "the Echo"


It was good, but the beginning was too long winded for me... I found it hard to connect with the piece immediatly! Good stuff however, I'd like to see more!

Very different

Great style.

nice music

It was quite nice music, but the flash didn't quite amuse me

thats beutifull

i have never seen such a beutifull flash, the style, the story, brilliant,
i would kill to be as good as you at flash


That was awesome! Truly some great mystical concepts there, and very tightly held together by keeping with the style. I really like the parchment paper in the background, it really adds a great feel to the animation.

The only part I felt was moving too slow was when the brush first appeared and the woman was just kinda standing there. Maybe have her check her instrument to make sure its working right and have her fidgit more? Still, this is awesome.

And the end where she brings the color back into the world and the way you made it happen. This is a very touching piece. Nice job.

Cridia responds:

Yeah, she indeed seems a bit dull in the beginning, but it was for a reason though ;). I wanted her to look around, as if she was looking for someone, whereafter she would take her instrument to play to forget her sadness. Anyways, you suggestions are not bad either, I will take it in mind next time :D.