Reviews for "the Echo"


Just perfect.

I loved your art and your style. Specially when the colors just came after the two of them met.

Very, very good. I mean, much more than that, it was awesome.

not bad i liked it alot

whan i seen this it got me in the mood too see the movie the last samurai i see alot of good movie and games on here now and days and i got too say your movie is 1 of the real good 1's so good job on it and i hope u make more like that i injoy seeing tham and i will give tham good rateing like this 1 or better if it is that good


Loved the music and how the colors flowed through at the end. Was especially nice when the two hugged at the end.

Great stuff

I thought that was VERY impressive...
Loved the intro with the brush!!

Great work! Would like to see more from you

nice indeed

Good animation, I like your style and work.
Very good indeed, keep it up, like to see more ;)