Reviews for "the Echo"


i have not seen animation like that in a long time. that was totally amazin and i loved the way the colour came right at the end. it goes to show that 1 colour can work so well in so many ways. well done and keep stuff like that coming! TOTALLY AMAZIN 10/10 BRILL A*

allright, it was great but hold on now...

The animation was great, yeah, i couldnt make any better now,
nice work but gees, it is still same submission style that eweryone has been sended for past years on the web, "omg, im mysterious and im crying without no reason or without no explanation and im playing some kind of instrument and im silent" aw my god! cmon peoples! try to make something new out! i can see your great animoter but dont use your skills to that! try to do something else than just boring anime! try to do that please, you have so amazing flash skills, owerall for the graphigs and all head stuffs=8

awwwww cute! :3

very good animation, i really loved it!


this is a very well done flash, and i think the music fit nicly

Nice animation but the music suxx

Like i said - U made a great animation in terms of graphics and style BUT u picked the wrong music - I see some other music in this - try Tales of Phantasia battle music ;) this would be better but probably wouldn't fit with the canimation - nevertheless 9/10

Cridia responds:

Well, I guess its more a matter of taste concerning music. I for one, wouldnt have liked the Tales of Phantasia battle themes with this movie, although they would have been great with a more violent (yet epic) movie. Anyways, thanks for your review!