Reviews for "the Echo"


i love it.i'ts so beautiful.keep it up.


i had goosebumps nearly half time of the movie.it was so well drawn(i like your style,even when the background firstly irritated me.The musik was sensationelthe story and the massege in the back are fantastic ,too.
The sound brought collour in their both lives. It was really awesome,and things like this arnt flash anymore,they start beeing art.i would only have enjoyed it beeing a bit longer,though it didnt load too long,so we dont have to be patient ;) please inform me,if you ve got other work in the next time here on newgrounds,i would be more then interrested in your movies!!!Fantastic work,keep it up and make new ones longer pls ^.-

Pretty good

I liked it ok but why did the samurai guy walk like he had huge lead weights tied to his feet?

good music mixed with a very good artistic style

the music, very good since it's from one of my favorite games of all time, yet the art is orginal and Very well done. i also am delighted that ya used a samurai ^_^ they rule, very good piece, i would like to see more flashes like this on newgrounds. keep up the good work.

1000 bonus points for using chrono cross

dude id give u a 10 just for the music, but u have skill that is rediculously awesome. i salute u dude.

and i would love to know where u got the music.