Reviews for "the Echo"


wow... Stunning... That was great... No, wait... That was way better than great... Not sure what's the right word... Don't know how NOT to vote 10 on this magnificent entry, you've got my five... Only one thing...
I... Need... More... Over-The-Top-Quality-Submissions... Keep it up!

PS. Just want you to know that I'm not one of those guys who vote 10 on everything they like, but this was just great. I'd love to see more like that

Absolutely stunning!

I have no gripes with this animation. The art, the style, everything, was simply amazing. The use of Time's Scar as the song of choice just literally enhanced the entire project to a new level entirely, and the syncing of sounds and visuals was superb. I especially enjoyed the tansition from outlines to color during the ending. Bravo for this splendid masterpiece!


This ws great. simplying amazing. The grapjics and drwaings were great. The colors were beautiful at the end. Great work!


It left my mouth wide open, the animation was done beautifully and so smoothly, and at the end with the colors wow just simply amazing. I hope you continue to create more wonderful flashes like this one i'll be checking every so often!


The art was amazing, simply awe inspiring. Very good style, keep it up.