Reviews for "the Echo"

I ALWAYS wanted to see a movie with this music

So I went and made a collab with it. Then, A week after I started it, I see this. Im like, SHIT.

But I wont bring down this movie. It was awesome, and is underrated in my opinion.


very good!

hey man that was very good. I love the art! the style totally amazing. but my one sugestion is a little more color. but I will say that when you did put color into it. I was truely astonished!!!!

wonderful concept except....

i do not aim at accusing you of anyhting good sir, but (sorry if anyone brought this up already) the idea with the brush creating the scenery seemed to constantly remind me of a rcently delivered game in the U.S that goes of the name of "Okami" if by chance this idea sprung from seeing a trailer or owning the game share with me so i know if this was an original concept or inspired thank you, now the flash it's self was beatuiful everything was in tune with each other the music was perfect and the flash was over simplistic yet satisfing. I have to thank you for a wonderful presentaition you have showed me and others.-S.P.S. (forgive the wall of text but i like to express my self =)

Cridia responds:

It was indeed Okami which inspired me to do this style and that part with the brush :D. Back when I made plans of making this movie, I also happened to get a copy of the Japanese version of Okami.

Thanks for your review!


This was a good piece of work indeed i just liked the background and the brush at the start its just plain stilish plus the music and animation itself was really awsome makes us think of how happy can the world be =)

hope i get to animate like that someday


That had a great theme to it and it was so amazing that I cannot explain it. Nicely done.