Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

i'm impress

very nice game i like it very good game...nice job

10/10 AWSOME

i loved it but i hate when people critisize about the game but it was a success XD

Great game!

I really enjoyed the game! Was a bit too hard in my opinion. I had to play the game 3 times b4 I figured out the "right" way to play. Still, I had a "blast" playing! :-P
@ neosouleater - the world is coming to an end. ;-) And, I HOPE you just had a typo cuz you spelled coming wrong. You spelled it "comeing" instead of "coming". So, I just HOPE it was typo. :-) Hope everyone is playing nicely! :-P

MaranX responds:

Had to increase the difficulty since the first version of this game was too easy. Maybe you can find it on the internet. As I recall correctly I did not put a Newgrounds logo on its loading screen.


wht the heck this game deserves 10/10 not 8 or 9/10 what is this world comeing 2


This was intense but I wish there was more!
You really need to expand on this idea it could be a brilliant game if you worked properly on it.