Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"


I've never been quite the fan of the megaman battlenetwork series. (Oldschool megaman NES/SNES style forever <3) But I did nejoy your flash. I would suggest more options in moves, for the boss as well as megaman. Cheers ^^

Awesoms Excellent job

That was a very good game..... Kinda easy but good I loved the voices you put in and the attacks were awesome, I cant wait til you make part 2 and in it add more characters.... just a suggestion

This is awesome!

Since I'm a huge fan of Megaman X command Mission, I loved this flash.The battle system was different from the game, but I loved the creativity you did when you made the attacks.

This game goes on my favorite submissions list, and I'm adding you on my favorite authors list.I really do hope you finish this series(we need more original stuff)

Pretty Awesome game.

Not was I was expecting at all. I saw that it said it was your first game and didn't expect much. It was pretty awesome. The only problems was that there was a small typo after the battle and that you could've used the text boxes from the X games.

I look forward to the future games!

Yup,its megamans turn for and RPG.

Really liked it, played it multiple times, found 1 small glitch, if you press replay, you cant go into Hyper mode. Thats why i played it multiple times. I really liked the limit breaks, altrough the X version didnt really fit onto him. You even gave X my fav *magic* shotgun ice and tri-lightning.

Sound was good, MMX;cm Battle Theme, combat sounds goood...Massimo's voice did a great job as Magma Dragoon.

The sprites were perfect, the special bzt-bzt...yup its got it all.

I hope you fix the Hyper mode bug soon, and that you make a pt2 with Zero and X in it!

MaranX responds:

Actually the Dragoon's voice belongs to Sigma from Mega Man X8. I knew about that bug with hyper mode before I uploaded it, but have no clue how to fix it :/ Anyway you have jonly to reload the movie and it's okay.