Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"


I loved the song! Very fast and can't wait for the next one! Good job!


normally i despise a game when its just a single rpg style fight, but this game really impressed me, the graphics were good, but the sound effects where perfect and perfectly used.. keep it up :) but consider making a full rpg out of this with exploration, stats and all that

can't wait

everything seems to be going really well for this... all u have to do now is take this and create the rest with it... i have a lot of hope for this when the rest comes out!

Wow thats was really cool

That was preety sweet. This is the kind of game where even if you lose you keep trying no matter what to win, even if you just picked it out at random to view from the flash portal. One thing you might want to check is the Hyper Mode features. If the button is only avalible on the first turn, whats the point of giga blast?

MaranX responds:

You can call not working hyper mode bug as a difficulty add-on ;p As for giga blast, use it when you are both in hyper mode and have 100% limit break.

excellent actionscripting!

That is some really excellent actionscripting you got there! Even though you used sprites, You did a good job putting the animations and sounds together to give it the right feel.