Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

cant wait 4 the rest

great game for the next 1 you should have more than 1 battle and maybe a choice of "super moves"


this game is great! keep up the good work.

I liked it... like to see more Megaman sprites tho

It was a fun game, the music was perfect, but I'd rather not see hand drawn graphics when there are sooo many Megaman sprites to choose from. The game would look smoother with that. Also, since when does Megaman use magic? I would rather see it as 'Weapons' or something else. Limit break was fun. I hope you keep that and add on to that.

Other than that, great game! Want to see more!

Great Game!

That was a great game, and I am very amazed by your work. This is one of the best MegaMan X RPG's I've seen! The voice acting is incredible. The magic's were added also, and it made a good style to it. When you keep on getting hit, it will increase your limit as well, which was a good thing, because I was kinda losing against Magma Dragoon. That was a perfect game, and I hope to see this on the front page, and on the MegaMan Collections.


this combat system is great, if you put it together with an adventure mode, and maybe some kind stats sytem this game would kick ass! the sound clips were awsome too. good work.