Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

So awesome.....

Maran,that was one of the coolest Flash RPGs I have ever played.

I would love to see this become a series.

Coool, i liked it.

That was really fun, and a good time un-waster. The Hyper mode bug was a bit annoying, and it was a bit short, but it has plenty of replay value. Maybe you could make a rpg out of this? or, i dunno, something big? Either way, good luck and well done.

A really fun game.

Although it was only one battle, it was really fun. You made Magma Dragoon pretty tough. I can't wait for part 2. BTW, try to fix that hyper mode bug.


Beat it on first try. These single battle's hardly constitute a game; they are a fraction of one. Visuals were all ripped save the MSPaint attack animations. Audio was all ripped. The "theme" of a one-fight Final Fantasy bout isn't anything new either. Interactivity is bare minimum.

The nail in the coffin is a typo after the fight; that kind of glaring error in what few sentences of "plot" are delivered is just poor effort.

Final Rating: 2

THat was freaking sweet!

Ya dude, that was fun and real cool. Nice RPG game in general. Really liked how oyu added the sound bits too and the sprites looked rea lgood (not all blocky-like)