Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

very good

it want like overly easy and it wasnt exrememly hard it was just right, seriously but it was short, you know make more eneies, besides that, awesome job

AWESOME! but heres to make it better

if theres just gonna be battle phases make more people to fight..
items you can buy after getting this much honor ( so like two kills is like 156honor)((156honor gets you legendary gun of blah blah blah))
then armor upgrades and what not

Nice work!

Overall it was a pretty good game/submission. Nice work!


::I wish there was more to the game then one battle.


I liked it, unfortunatly it was only one battle :\ too short. I'm waiting for the new version :d

not bad

not bad, i like it alot is really good. it had me hook but to bad is short, hope u make a longer one

keep up the good work