Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

Nice demo!

I loved the demo! The sprites blended in good, the sound was good, but If I were you , I would Redesign it for the main game.
For Example, This is more " Classic RPG " Than Megaman. Put Megaman Back in control! Be it something as little as making the interface roboty or large as a complete interface redesign, do it.
By the way, I can't wait for the full game.

Good concept

Redesign it for original Idea and it has the making of a wonderful game.

Graphic sprites are good. good demo of what can be done.


I liked it! sprite movie, but very nice sprites, so 8/10
sounds were nice
I liked how you did it w. the FF-type turn-based system. 7/10
nice effects with the fighting. bit like MM red sun or sumthing. 7/10


may be easy but it is fun

i agree with the guy before me....its really good....especially with the mega man command mission battle style...and music....i have saved this in my favs. why? its awsome thats why:D this is the first newgrounds game in my favs

It's so easy

I hope the next one will be longer, like fighting different villan's back to back.