Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

The person under me is right…And yet I could still kick the maverick's butt!Good game,but you could improve some things,like put more moves and make the hp and mp higher.

MaranX responds:

It's hard to program and animate every single move so stop saying that there are too few of them, please.

this was too hard.

there wasn't enough MP in this. also, you gave Magma Dragoon WAY too much HP. it wasn't really fair. X only had 2000 HP while Magma Dragoon had 20000. and Hyper Mode was too short. you need at least 2 more turns for it. keep that in mind.

MaranX responds:

AAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH! First they say it's too easy, another that too hard. If I would make X's hp and mp bigger (even though I made it bigger after finishing the game) I would also have to make bigger Dragoon's hp. Hyper Mode was supposed to last 3 turns but I improved it to 6 so don't complain -_- Besides it's my first game.

It was fun

I liked it. Just one thing bugs me, and I have noticed it throughout many RPG games on Newgrounds: You never have enough MP to really do anything besides heal. I could only spare enough MP for a few offensive spells, like 4 - 5 times per battle. In the next game, I think you should give X more MP at the very least. Besides that, I really liked this style. Keep up the god work.


I Have The Game MegaMan X Command Mission And Beat It And You Don't Use Magic It's Called WE(Weapon Energy) Send Me a Message If You Want To Know More About The Game Any Good Job.

MaranX responds:

Maybe I didn't played MMXCM, but I played many other X series games and I know there is no magic there. Thanks for help, but I think that for now I will stand with FF battle style. Maybe some day Command Mission will be avaliable on PC ;)

Very good

Nice demo !
This demo is great!
Can't wait for the real game !

MaranX responds:

What demo!? O_o You're saying that's not the real game? So which is real?